Why we decided to bring Tailwind to Mauritius

Geraldine Harel

‘I have been married to Hubert since 2002 with a shared passion for mountain biking. Starting in 2017, we have been participating in stage races in Mauritius and also overseas.

We first heard about Tailwind in March 2020 during a five-day mountain bike adventure in Kenya. During this trip, I met another rider, Aileen, from South Africa. I talked to her about how hard it was for me to fuel using sports nutrition products because of digestion issues, and that I was desperately looking for an endurance product that would spare my gut while propelling me to the finish line. She told me that she was using this product called Tailwind and kindly offered me the rest of her packets so that I could bring some back home to test on long rides.

It was an epiphany!’

It was so different from all the previous sports gels, tablets, drinks or bars I had tried before! It was so light on the stomach while still meeting my nutritional needs and expectations!

Hubert and I started to research the product; we listened to many testimonials of athletes who were using Tailwind on events, and we were pleasantly surprised by the benefits of this magical drink. We also read numerous positive reviews that convinced us on the advantages of the product. We started following many legendary athletes who were using Tailwind such as Courtney Dauwalter, ultra-runner, and Amanda Coker, ultracyclist and HAMR record holder. These athletes and other stories gave us the confidence and certainty  that the product really works.

We thought to ourselves that we needed to have this product in Mauritius. Hubert suggested that we get in touch with Jenny Vierling, co-founder of Tailwind Nutrition to explore distribution in the Indian Ocean. Fortunately, she said yes!

We are so happy to share with the Mauritian athletes this amazing product that can change their endurance sport experiences.

We don’t just supply Tailwind, we use it!’