Testimonial of a Mauritian Athlete

By Tina Staub, Ultra-trailer

When one thinks about ultra, one thinks about long hours or long days and one undoubtedly has to think about one’s tummy that needs to eat and drink. It is ‘a bit” easier when one is in an upright position which is the natural activity posture. It is ‘a bit’ more difficult when one is in an horizontal position, in the water, only breathing through the mouth.

”When challenged myself to swim around Mauritius, I had not yet tasted Tailwind and I must admit that nutrition was a major question. Today, after more than 5 months of use, the question no longer arises” 

During my long swimming sessions since October, I haven’t eaten any solid food, it was 90% Tailwind with a few other dietary supplements on the side for my nutritional needs. The whole meal plan was validated by my doctor and my snack plan was prepared by my nutritionist. Both had checked the components they contain. A real pleasure !!! I have all I need to fuel my necessary endurance efforts without having to crush, chew, swallow and wait until it is finished!! Because all this process, tied up to a kayak or to my safety buoy would have been HMMMM… a hassle ! Refuelling stops must be as short as possible so as not to loose distance due to the current.

I love my refuelling stops, that must be done every 20 mins, I know that, for a few short minutes, my husband, my friends, a non-aquatic landscape and Tailwind will be waiting for me!!! The sense of well-being is multiplied in the mouth because after these 20 minutes, I am parched. Pratical, in a flask and very often chilled because it comes from a cooler bag… Comforting moment before diving again with all the necessary calories for the rest of the race! Last December, I finished my longest swim, 15.47km in high sea, without any digestive issue…

I am tackling this preparation year with much more peace of mind for my tummy with Tailwind!