Hydrating on a Hike

At first glance, it may seem as if Tailwind products are best suited for long, intense activity – trail running, mountain biking, marathon training, etc. However, there are countless instances where hydration and easy-to-digest calories are beneficial! 

Take hiking for instance. A slow pace doesn’t mean you don’t need to simple sugars to keep your glycogen stores topped off and electrolytes to keep you hydrated! Our designer, Morgen, has some tips for using Tailwind on your next hike.

Morgen’s Tips

  1. Here in Southwest Colorado, “easy” hikes are not that frequent. The elevation, dry climate, and steep terrain mean even a two hour hike can be quickly fatiguing. Because of those factors, I bring Endurance Fuel on any hike over two hours. 
  2. Oftentimes (but not always), my hike will be less intense than a trail run, so I adjust my Endurance Fuel concentrate. My favorite ratio for a more mellow day is one single serving/two scoops of Endurance Fuel per 1 L.
    Note: The standard recommended mix for Endurance Fuel is 2-3 scoops per 750 ml. 
  3. I do not drink nearly as much liquid when I’m hiking as I do during other activities. A litre may last me two hours! However, I want to be sure I never run out of water if my hike takes longer than anticipated, so I like to bring my Tailwind Endurance Fuel Pack and more single serving packs of Endurance Fuel to refill en route. When in doubt, better to have too much water than not enough.

We’ll see you on the trails!